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The M1 was never officially imported into America. Around 1980, when the M1 could be bought as a new car, one could go to specialized companies that would modify the M1. These modifications were made so the car would be in compliance with EPA and DOT regulations, making it road-legal in the USA. After successful completion of this process, commonly referred to as “federalization”, title and registration would be issued and motoring would soon follow. Needless to say that the final bill (including the costs of buying a M1 in Germany, transportation to the US and the federalization process) was best viewed while sitting down. Magazine articles from that period list a final, bottom-line price of $115,000. When indexed to the  Consumer Price Index for 26 years, this mushrooms into $292,060.77 worth of 2006 dollars (see S. Morgan Friedman’s site). It is estimated that only 50 to 60 M1s made it to the American shores.

Between 1980 and 1990 M1s changed hands for prices that peaked just below $300,000. After 1990 the price drifted down to less than $100,000. The low-point –so far- was probably sometime in the late nineties, when a M1 could be bought for around $70,000. Prices seem to be on the increase lately; there is one for sale in Vegas (“Vegas Baby! Vegas!”) with an asking price of $200,000. Asking is one thing, getting is something else...

Today, an unmolested M1 is difficult but not impossible to find. I listed some of the sites that I frequented -while searching for the “Donor”- in the “Related Links” section. Another great resource for anyone who is interested in buying one of these gorgeous pieces of machinery is the M1 Register.

To join the Register, please contact:

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Prices for BMWs in Europe seem to be higher than prices in the USA. The M1 is no exception. On www.Mobile.de, a German website with classifieds for ‘pre-used’ cars, M1s are routinely listed for amounts well north of 100,000 (about $120,000 with February 2006 fx-rates). A curious but not extremely useful (unless one finds a way to arbitrage the prices in the international sports-car market) piece of information.