The WerkShop

The Werk Shop

28814 Nagel Ct., Unit B

Lake Bluff, IL 60044

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I’ve been going to the WerkShop with the Old Lady for some time now and I was always very impressed with the wonderful restoration work done there. It is truly amazing how they can take an old, rusty car and turn it into something immaculate, pristine and mechanically sound; something that is better than what it was when it was brand new. I’ve been thinking about asking Don Dethlefsen, the proprietor of the WerkShop, to start a restoration for me since I first walked through his door. Naturally, the question of the make and model of the project car was an important one. I couldn’t think of any car more worthy of the WerkShop’s tender loving care than the M1. This is how, even though I already had one of these objects d'art sitting in my garage, I ended up buying another one.

I wish I had the talent and skill to do the work myself. But alas, much like Antonio Salieri, I just understand enough to be able to recognize the gift in others. My role in this process will focus on writing checks and it will be Tom Kelly (l) and Don Dethlefsen (r), posing in front of the NameLess M1 that is the subject of this website, who will be doing the actual work.