Parts are an issue. The M1 was made more than 25 years ago, in very limited quantities and with many bespoke elements. BMW does stockpile parts for their offerings of yesteryear. To their credit, I might add.

Even before the ProjectM1 arrived I had ordered a replacement for the “RMFD Control Unit”. It didn’t need replacement but I did marvel at the completeness of the toolkit that came with the ProjectM1.

By now a lot of parts were ordered for the NameLess One. M1 parts are not cheap but prices seem to be in line with the prices for parts of other (exotic) cars. It is amazing how many parts can still be ordered through regular BMW dealerships.  Some parts appear to be truly NOS (‘New Old Stock’). This describes items that have (literarily) been sitting on some shelf in some German warehouse for the last 25-30 years. These parts look like they were never used but manufactured many years ago. Other M1-parts ordered from BMW seem to have been made relatively recently. It is my understanding that BMW –through the ‘Mobile Tradition’- will keep producing M1 parts as demand for specific parts accumulates. This is good news for M1 owners; not all parts are available all the time and parts are not especially cheap but BMW seems to genuinely care about its history and is willing to give support to people crazy enough to try and keep old ‘Bimmers’ on the road.

When this Project first got started, I was afraid that some parts, that would be absolutely necessary for the successful restoration of the NameLess One, would just not exist anymore, anywhere. So far, and I hope that I am not upsetting the parts-Gods when saying this, this hasn’t happened.


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