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There are many great M1 related websites out there. I will work on a list of some of my favorites here.

The WerkShop— I wouldn’t have gotten into this project if it wasn’t for Don Dethlefsen and his team at The Werk Shop. A self-described BMW enthusiast's shop.

BMWM1.Com— Great website for M1 lovers. It also has  a ’Cars for Sale’ list (By now this list is getting long on the tooth but an updated version might be just around the corner ?!?)

BMW Mobile Tradition — BMW is making an effort to help people keep their classic cars on the road. I’ve asked for help and information before and was always pleased with the response I got.

RealOEM — Parts are a problem. Browse this site to get a handle on pricing and availability. Once the desired part has been located, write down the Part Number and order through your local BMW dealer.

BMW M1 Club e.V.— A German club of BMW M1 owners with 59 members from 7 countries collectively owning 76 of the remaining M1s. I really hope to fly myself and the Old Lady to one of their annual meetings in the land of the Autobahn soon...

Not everything is linked.

Where to find a M1 to take home and call your own….

The DuPont Registry— Great general purpose search engine for all sorts of cars for sale, including, sometimes, a M1.

The Car Experience— Another search engine, some of the cars that are listed on this site today were sold a looong time ago...

The Motorcar Gallery—This is were the ‘donor’ car was bought. They’ve had –and sold– 20 or so M1s over the years.

Auto Salon Singen — I just love this site. Not very practical for people of the American persuasion. Your local DMV will not be kind to those brave (or foolish?) enough to buy a  M1 in Germany thinking they can legally drive it down Main Street. Great cars though…

Hemmings Motor News — Lots of classifieds for Cars for Sale. Just type “BMW M1” in the “Keyword Search” box, select “All Advertising”, hit “GO” and keep your fingers crossed.