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T.I.R. (Transformationi Italani Resine) was located in Reggio Emilia, a little over 20 miles outside of Modena. This company made the glass fiber body for the M1. T.I.R. had strong ties with Ferrari. Ferrari started to buy bodies there shortly after the founding of T.I.R. in 1965. The ‘attire’ for the Lancia Stratos Rallye and the Abarth-racecars were also made by T.I.R.

The production method for the bodies of these cars was identical to the way the M1 skin was made. Custom molds are sprayed with a special red dye after which three layers of polyester mats mixed with a synthetic resin are used to build each part of the body. The special dye facilitates the separation of the part and the mold and helps to give the body a smooth surface. The process is completed after the body parts spend 4 hours in an oven at 80 degrees Centigrade (176 Fahrenheit).

It took about 130 man hours to make a complete M1 body so the 25 people working for T.I.R. could produce about 1 body per workday.

A body part comes out of its mold